MariOna is a strong independent Belgian woman who is drawn to a wide variety of interests and musical styles. She has spent a majority of her career growing and learning about music, songwriting, and performance as well as keeping up with the ever changing music industry. Recently MariOna has been working internationally on 2 new EP’s that showcases her love for country music. She spent 4 weeks in the US holed up in the studio immersing herself in americana and country music. When asked about where she found inspiration during the recording process she said “I love just getting in the car, finding a good country radio station, and letting that be the soundtrack to a good long drive while I take in my surroundings”. Even though MariOna loves country music she hasn’t forgotten her roots. She still writes, records, and performs many songs in her native tongue, under her real name Mariona Smets.
“My Dutch songs vary in style, I just let them grow in my mind, ears, and heart. I just write whatever I’m feeling in those moments”